Would Anyone Really Listen

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If I Spoke, Would Anyone Really Listen?

by Scott Carpenter

Edited by Craig W. Lewis

What if God spoke to you today? Would you listen? Would you even recognize the voice of your creator? What if God wrote a book to you, would you even believe it? Maybe you think the bible is it, Gods final word to the human race. Maybe you think that God only speaks through a preacher, a teacher, a pastor or someone that you think is holy and that he would never just speak through the average Joe, much less to the average Joe. How hard would it be to make you believe it actually was God speaking? What type of sign would you need, would he have to speak in "thee's" and "thou's"? Would his voice have to sound like thunder? Maybe you just don't believe in God at all, and maybe you are just fed up with all the division that happens in Gods name and you just don't care. If so, I don't blame you at all. For whatever reason, people think that God is confined to just one group of people, to one religious group, or to one nation. They believe that he is creator, but not of all, just of those who seem to know Him. They say He is the author of life, however when that life is contrary to their own religious thinking, they call the other group damned.

For most of the world, the concept of God causes division. Religious groups fight and argue over who actually is qualified to speak on God's behalf, and over who God's children really are. To the Christian, God is Father to the Christians only, and to the Muslim, God is Father to the Arabic peoples. To the Jew, God is the Father of their race and so on. The cycle continues over and over. Everyone calling God their own yet, denying anyone else the right to be called His children.

Wherever and whatever position that you may fall into with these lines of thought, I hope you stop for just a few moments and consider this. God may be at this very moment speaking to you. These very words you are looking at may be coming directly from His heart. Naturally you will not accept this if you have a pre-determined line of religious thought, however were God to speak, He will not allow a shallow mind to hinder what He intends to say.

"Children, you are forever the focus of my heart. My heart yearns for you all. I know each of you, I formed all of you in my own hands.

Never am I apart from you. Just as the stars can not be separated from the heavens that I create, so I can never be separated from you. There is not one of you that I do not love and cherish. My love for you can not be explained to you in words that you would understand.

As I look upon you all I am proud, I am happy with my creation. Behold, it is very good.

Look around you upon the earth, see all that I created. There is nothing that I did not make, and I made it all for you. You are stewards of the earth. it has been given into your hands. Rule it well.

I have some things to say to you that may be hard for you to hear. I say them not to condemn you, for there is no more condemnation upon the earth. I say it not to curse you, for the curse is no longer upon the earth. I say these things to enlighten you. To give you hope. I speak so that the world may stop and know that I AM.

For many years I have watched as you have divided up over my name. I have saw all the wars and battles that have raged in my name. I see you daily fight and point fingers at one another, all in my name. I see the hatred that the religions of the world have bred, and it is a stench in my nose. The gospel that I sent unto you has been twisted out of shape. Twisted to fit whoever is popular with the people at any given time. It has become a word of death rather than life. You divide up over silly things and think I am divided with you. But I tell you that I can not be divided, and I will not be divided.

You have teachers that tell you that I have a special group that I love more than the rest, that my love does not go beyond your little buildings. I tell you now that I am Lord, I created all, and without me was there not anything made. I created the Hindu, I created the Jew, I created the Egyptian, all of you are made in my image and in my likeness. I see no distinction between those who are black skinned and those who are white skinned, I see no difference between those who are red skinned and those who are yellow skinned. You are all equal in my sight. Have you not read that I cause MY sun to shine on the just and the unjust, and MY rain to fall upon the just and the unjust? The only division is within your own hearts. The only difference in love lies within you.

Little children, stop the fighting and divisions, my love is to you all, and in you all. In Christ I made the provision for all of you. I have no anger toward you, no hatred in my heart. My purpose for you all is that you each be changed into that Glorious image of My dear son. That is my plan, that is my will.

There will come a day soon that you each will know me, from you greatest to your least. You will no more ask you neighbors about me, for you will all know me for yourselves.

In that day, you will no longer know division, you will not know strife. You will only know Christ, who will be with you all and in you all.

In that day Black will be no longer, white will cease, red and yellow will not enter your minds, there will be but ONE upon the earth, even as it has been told to you by my prophets, for I the Lord will dwell with you, and you will be my people, and I will be you God.

No longer will you fight, no longer will you wage wars in my name, no longer will you teach others that I am such a one as yourselves, one who hates, one who is divided, one who is unjust. You will see me as I am, and little children, when you see me as I am you will be like me.

I know that some of you will deny these words. I tell you in spite of you, I will labor for your behalf. Deny me if you choose to. I will never deny you.

Remember this little ones, when you look upon your neighbor, see no more a division between you. Look no longer at your church or religion as the sole truth. I tell you that I am the Truth, and besides me there is no other truth.

Look no longer as your church beliefs and your religious beliefs as the way, I tell you that I am the only way.

Have confidence in me. Look not upon the things that are coming upon the earth, fear not little ones.

I love each of you, I know each of you by heart, by my own hands were you created. Have confidence little children. I will accomplish my purpose upon the earth."

Father God.


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