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 -- 1 Corinthians 14:29 "Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said."

Please Note:

We have tried to determine credible prophetic ministries of men and women of God and to post them on this list. It is up to You, The members of the Body of Christ to discern their validity.  We are not being "guarantors" that any of the words found at these sites will come true, we are listing  those with whom we have come to believe are most likely to be speaking the true and current heart of the Father in this hour. As with all of our links from this site, we urge you to use caution and are not responsible for material, content, nor links posted on any other sites. You link to these sites entirely at your own risk. Also Please be advised not all practice "Freely We Have Received, and Freely We Give" Some may practice various forms of "merchandising of the temple" and have nothing for free and all for sale. We hope  that might someday be changed.

Craig W. Lewis



Barbara Wentroble - Wentroble Christian Ministries


Bill Hamon - Christian International Ministries


Bill Yount - Blowing The Shofar Ministries


Bobby & Carolyn Conner - Eagle's View Ministries


Bob Jones & Paul Keith Davis - Prophetic Ministries


Brian Alton - Desert Rose Church

Catherine Brown - Gatekeepers


Che Ahn - Harvest Rock Church


Chuck D. Pierce - Glory of Zion International Ministries


Christine Beadsworth - Fresh Oil Releases


Clarice Fluitt - Clarice Fluitt Organization


Dale & Dianne Hunter - Hunter Ministries


Dave Fazio - Royal Destiny Ministries


David & Kathie Walters - Good News Ministries


Denny & Ann Cline -  Albany Vineyard Church


Doug Addison - In Light Connection


Doug Fortune - Third Day Church


Dutch & Ceci Sheets - Doug Sheets Ministries


Francis Frangipane - Francis Frangipane Ministries


Hal & Cheryl Sacks - Bridge Builders International


Jill Austin - Master Potter Ministries


Jim Hodges - Federation of Ministers and Churches Intl.


Joni Ames - In Jesus & A.C.T.S Ministries


Keith Miller - Stand Firm World Ministries


Keith & Sanna Luker - Young Hungry Lions


Kim Clement - Prophetic Image Expressions


LaNora Van Arsdall - Fountain Gate Ministries


Martha Lucia - Watchmen Network


Mary Lou Houllis - New Beginning Ministries


Michael and Natalie Chevalier - France Revival , (On the site,

please click on small American flag located on upper right for English)


Michael Maiden - Church for the Nations


Michael Scantlebury - Dominion Life International


Mike Bickle - Friends of The Bridegroom


Lloyd Phillips - Fellow Laborers International


Patricia King - Extreme Prophetic Television


Peter & Doris Wagner - Global Harvest Ministries


Ras and Beverly Robinson - Fullness In Christ Ministries


Rick Joyner - Morningstar Fellowship


Rolland & Heidi Baker - Iris Ministries, Inc.


Sally Warner - The Quickened Word


Shawn Bolz - White Dove Ministries


Trudy Veerman - The Christian Counselor


Todd Bentley - Fresh Fire Ministries


Wesley & Stacy Campbell - Revival Now Ministries


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