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Craig W. Lewis                                                                          

   As A First Time Guest To The Website I Welcome You.

 I feel it is very important that you understand who I am and what this website is all about.  I am happily married, I have a son and daughter, four additional stepdaughters, and a stepson. I am a proud grandparent too with 15 grandchildren. I was raised on  "The Flying 'L' Ranch" , which was then owned by my father in Wyoming.  I have served in several ministerial positions. My formal ministry began in the 70's and since that time have served in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas in the fields of Music, Youth and Education. I also Pastored a Denominational Church in New Mexico and another in Colorado. After receiving the knowledge of The Holy Spirit (or the fullness of the Christ Spirit), I left our denomination and Pastored a Non-Denominational Church in Colorado before moving to Phoenix Arizona.  I  held  leadership positions with a ministry formerly called Marriage Ministries International during a span of 15 years. I also participated in several of the Healing Explosion Crusades with Charles and Francis Hunter, (Hunter Ministries). I was blessed to serve as a supervisor of the healing teams at a number of those crusades. Since leaving formal ministry I  also served in several  churches mostly in the area of Helps and Healing Team Ministries.  New Life International, Inc. which I formed in 1986, is now a Web-Based ministry which is being used to disseminate information and teachings from and about the Word of God.  This newest endeavor is to get out information concerning the Kingdom of God as it is being revealed by the Father.

Most of my ministry time I have served as "Bi-Vocational Pastor" meaning I took very little if any salary for my ministry and instead raised much of my own support by working various jobs such as; police officer, public school teacher & school administrator, social service director, horse trainer, & ski instructor, & having several businesses over the last 35 years to include, automobile wholesale dealer, and my own financial services agency, all at various times while ministering.  Your donations and prayer support for the ministry have always been welcome and most appreciated by me over the years. Thank You All!


first I would like to give a short narrative of the 5 major paradigm shifts in my life. A paradigm in the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language means: "A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline." I definitely have had some changes over my life pertaining to my assumptions, concepts, values & practices. Especially as it related to my beliefs, and doctrines and my theology.

My first paradigm shift was when I were born naturally. Does that surprise you? I  thought that the world as I knew it was suspended in liquid, quite dark and confining. I got my nourishment from a tube connected to my belly. What a surprise awaited me as I entered into the second phase of my life. I'm sure you can relate to the changes that took place at that point. I now had to learn to fend for myself in this strange new world which my "Eyes and Ears had been closed to". There were all kinds of "New" things, (which had been there all along), but had just now been revealed to me.  Now I saw in a much different light and I was able to hear things that I had never heard before. What an exciting time to explore this new revelation of life. What a time of education and exploration of these "new things."

My second paradigm shift was when I heard and read the Word of God and understood that I could be re-born. This time "spiritually" born, by realizing the sacrifice of Jesus' death while on the cross and the fact that God raised that same Jesus from the dead to new life. That we have salvation as a free gift and have eternal life with God.  In faith I acknowledged  Jesus sacrifice and Oh!, what a blessing and a change in my life that brought. That void in my life was suddenly filled with the knowledge and peace of Almighty God within me. It had always been there resident in me and written in God's word but my eyes and ears had previously been blinded and deafened to the truth of their existence. An experience hard to explain but yet experienced within myself. Oh, what a change in my life took place compared to where I had previously been. To experience a life with meaning and at last to be aware and sure of my eternal destiny. To know God and experience the presence of God the Father in my life.

 My third paradigm shift was when I came into the knowledge that I needed the Holy Spirit. I had always believed and been taught by our denomination that when we accepted our salvation in Jesus, that the Holy Spirit was part of the package. But when God revealed the truth and spoke it into my spirit, and in faith I received the Holy Spirit,  I experienced a whole new dimension in God that I had not had prior. One of authority, and power, and enlightenment to the very scriptures themselves as the Holy Spirit began to then teach me of the things of God. They had been there all along, my eyes and ears had simply been "blinded and deafened to the truth" of their existence. Oh what a change in my life took place. That was the beginning of my real ministry within the body of Christ. We were now endued with power from on high.  The ministry gifts of the Holy Spirit began to come forth in my life. I began to see miracles by my own hands.

My fourth paradigm shift was when I came into the revelation of the establishment of God's Kingdom here on earth. A Kingdom not made with hands. The Kingdom of heaven in which the King of Kings reigns. The Kingdom Jesus spoke so often of. This paradigm shift is so dramatic and life altering that it is impossible to put into proper words. As you who have experienced the first 3 paradigm shifts you can attest to how difficult it is to convey in words what God had done in your life and how you know it really is of God. So it is with the Kingdom of God. It must be understood in Spirit because it is a Spiritual Kingdom which God is calling men to. Not an earthly kingdom like we saw the early Christians seek after. Jesus taught them these things but many did not have eyes to see nor ears to hear what he was telling them.  In order for you to understand it you must pray that the Holy Spirit would teach you of it, and that your spiritual eyes and ears might be open to what the Spirit is saying.

The Kingdom of God will not be taught of man. It will only be revealed to us by the Father. Just as Jesus never did or said anything except the Father told him. It Will be no different in this day. Each paradigm shift must proceed the other. You cannot have access to the fullness of the Holy Spirit until you have come to the realization that you are a Son of God through the spiritual awakening or "re-birthing" of the salvation which has been provided to ALL mankind. In the same way you can not enter into the Kingdom of God without the fullness and witness of the Holy Spirit. It is He who will guide you into all truth.

There will be many in the days ahead who will speak "Words" of the Kingdom, but will not really have a clue what they are  saying. God will speak through them but they themselves will still be blinded to the truth. There are others who will actually see the revelation of the Kingdom, but because of the "Riches" of their man-made "ministry kingdoms" that they are ruling over, they will have great difficulty entering into The Kingdom of God which is not made with hands. Matthew 19:23-24 Jesus himself said concerning the Kingdom, "I tell you the truth, (or Assuredly in KJ version), it is very hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven, (or Kingdom of Spiritual places)."  Vs 24, "I say it again, --- It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, (Eye of needle refers to a place at which contests were held to see what camels, with very great difficulty, could go through a special shaped rock formation called "the eye of a needle".), than for a rich person to enter into the Kingdom of God."  Today many churches have become in a sense The Babylonian Church of Today. A Church which is intermingled with the things and ways of the world. Living in a world of worldly prosperity and power. In contrast, our example Jesus came as a meek servant yet walked in spiritual power and  might. In the True Kingdom of God, The Father is above every part of the body. Jesus and the Father are one, and as Christ he is Head of the Body. Everything is His. All the money, the homes, the jobs, the family, the church, the ministry, etc.  Those who realize this are the true ministers of "faith".  So many people today are being duped into sending in their money to various ministries with the hope of reaping a large harvest of money. Earthly riches and carnal desires of the world is their real motivation. Many, because of their own greed and lust for the things of the world send it in and then usually nothing happens. Next they feel they somehow are not spiritual enough. Men are being judged as to how spiritual they are by how much money they accumulate. Instead let us learn of the Father and His Kingdom. then ALL things can be  entrusted to us by the Father, Then we will not waste them on selfish desires and carnal things of the world. Instead we will use them as HE directs us to use it. It's not a tenth that is His. It's ALL His! When we have gotten to the state of being dead to ourselves and alive only to God, Then will all heaven be opened and the true richness of the King of Glory  be manifested. Only then will we really prosper and be in health. First spiritually, and then in the natural. Much more can be found on our "Study Topic Pages" concerning these truths from the word of God.

The Church age is passing and the Third Day Kingdom Age is coming to fullness. They are as different as the three major feasts found in the Old Testament. The Feast of Passover, represents salvation as originally portrayed by the eating of the lamb and the covering of the slain lamb's blood over the doorposts. We must have the Slain Lamb of God, (Christ Spirit of God), in us, and have His spilled blood covering the door posts of our life (our inner spirit). Then there was the 2nd major feast which represents the manifestation of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and the Church Age. It is interesting to note that this was the only feast where God commanded  "leavened" bread be brought as a sacrifice. Then when it was waved before God by the priest as God had commanded, God rejected, and did not accept it. This represents the church of today. Leaven always has represented sin. And the present day church as a whole has a mix of leaven, or sin, or the way of the world, or earthly, Adamic carnality mixed into it. And God will never have his son marry a bride, the church, who is defiled. Entering into the Kingdom will involve a "purifying as by fire" of each who enters in. And then there is the last major Feast, the Feast of Tabernacles which represents the Kingdom Age. This is the feast where the priest would enter behind the veil, into the Holy of Holies, to enter into the very presence of Almighty God Himself. Jesus Christ made It possible at Calvary for ALL to enter in to the presence of the Father. There are still many today who have not entered in. Others are going through the  purification stage of trial as by fire from on high. Sadly though most Christians today are found in the "outer court" being ministered to but never really entering into the fullness of God. There will always be a continued need for those who are in the "inner-court ministry" (the organized church and the fivefold ministry), to minister to the masses and point them to the Father. But the scriptures tell us that few will enter into the fullness of the "Holy of Holies, or Most Holy Place, to become one with the Father in his Kingdom. It is this place that no one will place himself, but rather the Father must place in position to reign as Sons, with His First Born Son, Jesus the Christ, over the Kingdom of God. It is there that they become one with the Father.

 All of these things are being revealed to those who are hungry and thirsty after righteousness, Those who are tired of the religious Pharisee type ministries who are administering the things of God as by the law with rules, regulations and ordinances. They are not hearing and seeing those things which are being revealed spiritually by the Father. Men cannot understand spiritual things with their natural minds and reasoning. Spiritual things are only revealed to us by God.

My fifth and most recent paradigm shift happened on February 22, 2005 when I  had a severe heart attack. I was dead for 23 minutes. After returning to my body I waited another 45 minutes and then underwent a 2 hour procedure to place three stints in the main artery on the right side of my heart as there was no blood flow to that side. It was reported that the left side was severely blocked as well but still getting some blood flow. It was decided at that time that a decision as to what would be done would happen 7-8 weeks later as my heart needed to recover from lack of blood for almost 3 hours. At that time I would have a nuclear stress test done to determine how much damage had been done.

While in intensive care the next day I was able to get out of bed (still hooked up to an array of tubes and wires), and sit. While sitting alone I was suddenly surrounded by a clear, odorless, almost opaque substance which I can only describe as similar to oil in appearance. Then it disappeared and I got back into bed. I did not tell anyone as I wasn't sure what I had observed or why. The next day I was again out of bed sitting in a chair alone when a substance which can only be described by me as an almost opaque smoke and which behaved similar to that of dry ice but with a slight grayish hue appeared. It began at the edges of all four walls in the room along the floor and increased until it reached my feet and the whole floor was covered. I could not feel or sense it except by sight. It then began to rise until it filled the entire room. At that moment I asked, "Lord, Am I able to see things spiritually that I could not before?" Suddenly a voice spoke audibly and said, "The smoke from the alter of incense filled the Most Holy Place."  At that moment I realized I was in the presence of Almighty God. Then the smoke-like substance dissolved into thin air. I climbed back into bed and just a few minutes later was interrupted by my daughter and son-in-law coming to visit me. Before I could tell them about my experience we were interrupted by the head nurse who informed me that a gentleman wanted to see me and wondered if one of my relatives could leave so he could come in. (Hospital rules of only two visitors at a time). my daughter left and a man who I regard as a great man of God and also as a personal friend whom I had not seen for awhile walked in. He sat at the foot of my bed and folded his arms and gave me a great big old smile. Then he asked, "What did God show you this morning?" I relayed the occurrences of the last two mornings and then he put his head back and laughed. Then he said "God is so cool!"  Then he fixed his eyes on me and said, "God woke me up this morning and told me to come to the hospital and give you this word."  This is the word which was given to me at that time. " The other day you died. You no longer have a past and you no longer have a future, for I am the God of the present. The purpose which you were placed here on earth for was accomplished. Your only responsibility which you now have is to do whatever I put in front of you, and to say whatever comes to you to say, nothing else. The only responsibility you have to anyone else including your family is the responsibility Christ has to them."  That word came on the second day of my hospital stay in the intensive care unit. That evening I was moved to a regular hospital room. The next morning a series of miraculous events began to happen and lasted the next 3 days until I was released. Someday maybe I will write of those events both in the hospital and days following which confirmed that my experience was real.

Exactly one month to the day I received an anonymous email which said, "When Craig died in the emergency room, with his death passed all the heavenly goals he was given to accomplish in the Earth. If he accomplished them, great. If not, there is no going back to re-live that life. His ownership of stuff, his life plans, goals, ministry, ambitions, preferences and reputation went with him. God did not raise you up from the dead to finish living that life. That man is gone with all that was his. Let judgment day be accomplished for him. The rewards and corrections of that life will be revealed on that Great Day.

The man raised up to live now is to live as an angel, a messenger, a voice from heaven, with nothing to gain or lose except the pleasure of his maker in every given day. The provision for the moment is more than enough. As long as he lives during this day, and for any more days he is requested by his maker to continue in this body of flesh, he will joy in the glory of his redeemer and be the blessing of God to all he encounters. The family he used to be responsible for are now in the care of an under the abundant provision of their Savior. The extent to which this resurrected man is honored to bless them, love them, give of himself to them and intercede for them like Our High Priest does, is one aspect and facet of how Christ himself desires to minister to them.

Each day is a new life. No beginning of days. Each moment is a lifetime. No ending of days. If Christ desires you to remain in this Earth Realm forever, you will pay whatever cost involved to make that happen. We die daily. We are raised to walk in newness of (eternal), life daily."

Since my death I have seen God's word in a new way. I took a year off to learn and consider these things. I have heard many things from the Father. One very important thing He said to me one day on my way while driving to attend Church was, " I see you are going to church this morning." then a long pause, then "I guess I am going also." which for some reason seemed to amuse me. Then he said, and I will never forget it, "There won't be much for me to do though. They already have everything planned."    On another occasion He said to me. "Because of Religion, most men have never known me!, Including yours!"  Needless to say my walk now is somewhat changed from before.

As you enter our website you will learn to be as the Bereans were in Acts 17:11. "The people of Berea were more open minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul's message. THEY SEARCHED THE SCRIPTURES DAY AFTER DAY TO CHECK UP ON PAUL AND SILUS, TO SEE IF THEY WERE TEACHING THE TRUTH." You will find that many of the "Truths and Doctrines and Beliefs" we hold so dearly, when researched will show historically that they are half truths, with error, and often completely wrong  due to various bible translators. Yet often we have believed what ever was  told to us. We were taught based on what a denomination or a previous pastor or teacher or bible school taught, ( Religion). Sometimes we believed it because of the particular translation we were using. There are even bestselling books, which by the way are fiction, which people are believing to be truths concerning the end times. I ask, "have you ever wondered why we have so many denominations? Each states that they have the truth. We must learn to only accept the word when The Father, through the Holy Spirit, reveals it to us. We must put aside our "Carnal Knowledge" of the Word. The Pharisees and Sadducees had human knowledge of the scriptures and yet had no clue to what Jesus was showing them of the Kingdom of God. Yet they were highly educated and were very knowledgeable about the scriptures. ( I Think we often have painted them as cruel evil men. but no, I believe they were just like most Christians today). Therein lies the problem, for many today  are depending on their own natural, carnal, knowledge of the scripture as determined by men  and have formed beliefs coinciding with such knowledge. God could care less how much we "know about Him". He cares about us "Knowing Him" and learning to become one with Him!

Each of us must begin to partake of the Word as God speaks it into us by His Spirit. God has said in His Word, “For My ways are completely different than yours” says the Lord. “And My ways are far beyond anything you could imagine” …And My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts higher than your thoughts.”  Isaiah 55:8-10.  He says later in verse 11 of the same passage, “ ….with My Word, I send it out, and it ALWAYS produces fruit. It, (My Word), will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.” Vs, 12, “ You will live in Joy and Peace;” NLV.  Prepare your heart to hear from the Father as you look at those things which the Father is revealing to us through His Word. You may find that they may at times seem opposed to that which you have previously been taught or "believed." Much of what you may have been taught were words which concentrated on making YOU richer, healthier, smarter, better and yet the requirement of the Kingdom is that we become DEAD unto OURSELVES, and we do that by becoming ALIVE to GOD and full of His Wisdom and Understanding. ONE with HIM. Jesus was "One with Him" and says "He (Jesus) is One with US" so therefore as we enter into His "ONENESS" we experience "ONENESS with GOD," When people see you, do they only see the Father?  That's where He wants to take you. Hallelujah To God Almighty!

John Nicholson once wrote, " We have come to the Most Holy Place and have now taken a step within the veil. We have moved beyond Pentecost and have begun to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. This is a dimension where Father deals with us in a more intense manner than He did in the Pentecostal or Fundamental realm. We were baptized in water and into the Body of Christ in the Outer Court; we were baptized in the Holy Spirit in the Inner Court; and we are now being baptized in FIRE in the Holy of Holies. We are in a dimension of Fathering that will eventually bring us into the very image, nature and character of Yahweh Himself. We find that we move from being servants and friends to becoming SONS. "If ye endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons" (Hebrews 12:7). Now no chastening for the present seems to be joyous, but grievous; nevertheless afterwards it yields the peaceable fruits of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby."


Finally, Our sole mission is to lead, guide and direct God's children to be led by His Spirit. It is not for us to dominate and control your life. Instead it is to set you free from the mind control and manipulation of religious creeds and doctrines formulated in the mind of men and women who think they know what is best for us over our Heavenly Father who has birthed us from His heart even before the conception of the world. We hope that God will loose you from the bonds and chains of the Religious Babylonian Church System into the glorious liberty as Son's of the Most High God.

"Dear Heavenly Father.  I wish, that any who enter into the teachings of the Kingdom will do so with open and hungry hearts, searching for the deeper things you have to reveal to your sons and daughters. I pray that their spiritual eyes and ears will be opened that they may see these things. That they may truly understand your ways, who you are, and what you have prepared for those who love you. Thank you Father for your grace as we endeavor to receive all you have to offer us. Thank you for those who have gone ahead to prepare the way. Thank you for those  who are hearing the wooing of your spirit to enter into Your Kingdom within themselves. AMEN"

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